Friday, August 12, 2016

Running the errands

Ugh. Food-obtainment is going to be challenging for the next several months because

a. Our one large grocery store in town (wal-mart) is undergoing an Epic Rearrangement and everything is apparently going to be a giant mess for the next 12 weeks. (Yup. until nearly Thanksgiving).

b. I realized today it now takes me 45 minutes to get to Sherman rather than 30 because of the detour I am taking to avoid construction. (I have no idea how long it would be going THROUGH the construction zone: longer, I bet, because it's multiple miles of single-lane road, and also, there are enough people who are So Very Special (I wish I was special) that they don't HAVE to merge into a single lane until the very end - they can run free in the "empty" lane (the one to be closed) and then someone will let them in - of course, because they are Special - up where traffic MUST merge.

Feh. So even if it DIDN'T take an extra 15 minutes for me to drive it, it would put me in a sufficiently foul mood I'd not want to do it.

I ran to Sherman today. It was hot. Very, very hot. It's supposed to be less-hot tomorrow but we're also supposed to get v. heavy rain and people here forget how to drive in rain, and it's less safe when we first start getting rain again after a drought. So I bit the bullet and went today.

Lots of random stuff: I got the legal pads I needed (these are not true "legal" pads, in that they are 8 1/2 by 11 but they are the kind that are bound at the top of the pad: I don't like spiral notebooks on principle and they don't work well for what I need paper for. And looseleaf just gets scattered and lost). And more of those nail-polish-remover impregnated pads so I can keep doing my nails. And furnace filters, stuff like that.

And a trip to Kroger's. (I went to them last, so I had a hope of the frozen stuff making it home OK). Bought 2 gallons worth of milk (I am picky and I prefer organic milk, and I prefer it in the waxed cartons - yes, I can tell a difference). I will probably have to brave wal-mart again before I make it back to Sherman (I can run through a gallon of milk in 4-5 days) but at least that is at the perimeter of the store and maybe I can avoid the worst parts of the remodel). And lots of canned goods (I joked on twitter that the combo platter of wal-mart reorganization and longer drive to Sherman will probably mean I wind up one of those "prepper" types with a bunker full of canned goods).

But yeah. This is kind of a combo plate of BAD, the reorg plus the construction. I wonder if wal-mart has any say about when they can do remodeling? If I ran the local store I'd tell corporate, "Heck no, wait until the construction clears on 75, because we will get more shoppers here because they don't want to brave the construction, but they might not brave a remodel". Then again, if I read things right? We're going to be braving construction on 75 until 2019. (In case you are wondering why I feel trapped).

 I bought some meat ahead and will wrap and freeze some, and I will have to get more creative about using the limited stock that the Green Spray sells.

I did take time for a little "fun, " FSVO "fun" - I went to Cackle and Oink, which is my favorite barbecue place. It is my favorite because the food is good but also the people working there are friendly - I eat there often enough I am greeted almost as an old friend, and YES that makes a big difference to me. (The owner high-fived me as I was going out the door and told me to have a good rest of the day).

I also ran to JoAnn's for a few things (Potential buttons for the as-yet-un-cast-on Harvest and another row-counter which means I could start another project if I wanted). I also bought a new set of "shorty" pajamas at the Target (some of my older ones are wearing out). These have sleepy bears on them.

But now I have to catch up - I have to finish piano practice (I am working on a Bach "little Prelude" in's heavily arpeggiated and arpeggios are one of the things I need to work on. And I'm also working still on the arrangement of All Creatures of our God and King) and wash my hair and still put a few things away....At least I had an epic-sized lunch and won't need much for dinner.

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purlewe said...

oh man. that sounds like a total pain. I am so sorry.

I did go to our grocery store last night. They are moving locations and will be closed from 8.28-9/1. They are not restocking as the sell things out and it made for a very interesting time grocery shopping. definitely some substitutions I wasn't expecting. I suspect i will ahve to find another store to use until after their move. It is such a pain isn't it to try and do contortions around your grocery plans.

Wishing you luck for next time.