Thursday, August 11, 2016

Friends are good

1. Just being able to hang out with a couple of colleagues for a while and shoot the breeze about stuff made me feel a little happier. Also the fact that they specifically came and sat down next to where I was sitting (I arrived first of everyone in the department). That went a long way to dispel the feeling of "I'm back in 7th grade, sitting alone at a table in the lunchroom" - everyone else there had grouped up with people from their offices or departments and I'm usually a little shy (And also a little unsure of "do they want me glomming on to their group) to want to just walk up to people and try to join up with them. So when my colleagues walked in, saw me, and walked over to where I was sitting that made me feel better.

2. Got a postcard from someone on Ravelry showing a cooler location (Boston) and she also sent me a link to her Photobucket page of winter photos. (It's been utterly wretchedly hot here and I can't deal with the heat much longer. Hopefully we get some relief this weekend)

3. And this:

This Fluttershy flew all the way across the Atlantic...a gift from a Ravelry/Twitter friend. (Not shown: a skein of orange-and-tan sockyarn, which kind of fell out of the skein when I pulled it out of the box. I will have to wind it off soon so it won't tangle).

I soon will have Fluttershys stashed everywhere, in case of a Fluttershy emergency - I have the one I made, and the little blind-bag ones, and a mini stuffie that can go on a keychain. And now a Beanie Baby sized one (And this is one of the newer models, with the tinsel mixed in with her hair)

(I even have one of the blind-bag ones over in my office.)

(And yes. Those are Spongebob pajamas. I made them from a fabric I found years ago at the JoAnn's in my parents' town)

Yeah, I feel better now.


purlewe said...

I enjoy the photos of you with the ponies. Reminds me of photos friends send me with the pokemons. adorable x100000

Dyddgu said...

With apologies for being so behind with the comments, I'm so pleased she got there ok, and I am mightily pleased at the thought of emergency Fluttershy stashes!!