Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Oh, yes, again

This is my "disappointed and aggravated" face:

I came home to the sight of an A T and T truck in the alley. Oh, I thought, someone checked up on it and it's all good.

Walked in my house.

NO LINE says my phone.

And yup, no dial tone.

So I went back out, hoping to catch the guy.


There's a new box on the back of my house. So I figured: either this is one of those "wait 20 minutes and everything will come back bits" or it's "there is something more going on"

Called A T and T, and did that (because, of course, I am on mein Handy, there being no actual landline service in my house) while walking back around to the alley to see if I could see him further down the line or something.

Nope. But the - I don't even know what you call it, the post-thing with all the connections in it? That hooks up to the underground lines? It's open, with wires spilling out of it, and some kind of little device hooked up to it. So I guess the guy either had to go for parts or he just took a scarper, I don't know. (they were SUPPOSED to call on my cell phone).

Also, it took about five minutes of my repeatedly telling the automated thing "I want an agent. I want a person. I want a human agent. I want to talk to a person" for it to finally decide to connect me to an actual person. Who couldn't tell me anything other than that there was an "open ticket" and he should be back.

I damn well hope he is. I can't imagine A T and T is going to pro-rate the better part of 2 days of being phoneless for me.

Supposedly this is supposed to be resolved no later than 6 pm tomorrow but I had high hopes when my phone service came back last night. (If it's not resolved by tomorrow, I WILL be spending my Friday afternoon on the phone harassing A T and T)\\

So to recap: my phone came back long enough for a telemarketer to call me and that's it. There's a metaphor for my life in there somewhere.

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