Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I'm done adulting

So the phone is back after too much time on A T and T's phone tree.
The homework for this week is written.
AAUW yearbook is at the printer's.
Piano has been practiced despite an off and on headache.

And so now I'm sitting here, watching "The Amazing World of Gumball" (I swan I have seen every episode about eight times, but it's still better than news or "commentary" programming) and wearing a hotpad around my neck (headache) and knitting on a new project:

It's the Gamekeeper's Scarf which is a free pattern on Ravelry. Like many of Erica Leuder's patterns, it's Harry Potter inspired - the Gamekeeper in question here is Hagrid. There are three patterns: "Maze" (a knit-purl pattern), "Aragog" (the big spider thing? it's a lace pattern) and "Shaggy Beard," a cable pattern done entirely on a stockinette background (rather than a reverse-stockinette, as many cables are, so it looks more like wavy locks of hair). The yarn is an Imperial Stock Ranch (Oregon-grown, US processed) yarn - I forget the name of it (Columbia, maybe? it's a 2-ply worsted). It was a purchase a while back (and I know that, the store is now closed forever :( ) from the yarn shop that was here in town.

It's a nice yarn, very "rustic" feeling and I can tell the lanolin is still at least partially in it. It's a good yarn for a Hagrid-inspired scarf even if the color is maybe a little soft for him.

I'll take a better picture when it's lighter and when I have the energy to drag my camera out rather than "cheating" and just using the webcam.

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