Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday morning photos

A couple of works in progress.

I'm about 2/3 of the way through the stitchwork on the back of Raven. Once this is done, the sleeves are the next part:

raven back

It's kind of dark, so the traveling stitches don't show up all that well. Also, it takes longer than I thought to work this stuff - it's just increases, decreases, knit, and purls, but that kind of ribbing (the alternating knits and purls) tends to take longer because you're moving the yarn from front to back with every second stitch here.

And the Hagrid scarf:

Gamekeeper scarf

 This is fun and restful to work on. It's kind of a "sampler" type pattern with different stitch patterns that make it up. I'm almost done with the first set, then there will be four more repeats of each of these to make up the scarf. (Or three, if it looks like it would be too long with four).

Last night I also grabbed a quick photo of one of the new dresses I bought. This is an M. Mac dress and is one of those rare pieces of clothing actually made in the US. I bought an extra-large because I had read somewhere they run small. Well, I could probably have gotten away with a large as it fits rather loosely, but at least it's comfortable and is a good hot-weather dress:

new dress

They have another style sold through Vermont Country Store that has fish on it. (The sort of big-block-printing style seems to be this company's thing). At some point, if I need another dress like this one, I might get one of those but in a dark blue or the green.

And finally, some smol horses. You've already seen Baby Sparkle Gusty, but she pretty much hits all my "want" in one of those things: yellow body, pink hair, cute flank insignia, embedded glitter. (I like the glitter ponies). The only way she could be more perfect would to be a pegasus (Pegasus are my favorite type) but a unicorn is good, too.

The other one is an earlier-in-the-summer purchase (I think from Ogreberry Cottage) of one of the ballet ponies, Baby Softsteps. She is articulated so you can move her legs and head.

smol horses

I think the  idea of ballet ponies is pretty funny but I suppose they thought it was something little girls would relate to. And yes, I know it looks like she's wearing old-fashioned "combinations" but I think that's supposed to be like the horse version of a leotard. (I don't know if these ever came with tutus, and anyway, if Baby Softsteps did, hers is long gone).

There are several ballet ponies; I've seen at least one other baby pony like this and one of the "Big Sister" or whatever they are called, the taller slimmer "adult" ponies.

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