Saturday, July 23, 2016

three wishes question

One of the odd random things I sometimes think about - partly as a way of judging my mental state - is "If you were granted three wishes right now, what would you wish?"

(And no, you can't ask for more wishes or "infinity money" or something stupid like that)

I admit, most of the time, I kind of inwardly sigh and think "I'd probably make unselfish wishes."

So, right now, my three unselfish (in the sense of, being good for someone other than myself) wishes would be:

1. Better health/mood/whatever for the people around me who are suffering various ailments. Relief from the chronic long-term things some people deal with

2. Greater peace in the world and people not committing violence against each other

3. An end to hunger and need

Of course, other than the fact that I would feel safer in a world where people were less prone to randomly shoot/stab/blow up one another, and the fact that some people I care about would enjoy relief from their pains, I don't directly benefit. So three selfish wishes:

1. To be more carefree than I am. (I don't know how to achieve this in my real life, so I think short of a genie-wish, I won't get it). Maybe I was moreso when I was younger and felt like I had fewer people depending on me, maybe I never really was, I can't tell. I seem to remember feeling more carefree when I was younger but that could be a false memory.

2. For a quilting/knitting store to re-open in my town, or at the very least, for us to get a few more "fun shopping" things. We've had so many stores close down in recent months (and now the Hastings in Sherman is going, too. In my bleaker moods I wonder if five years hence we will be left with Amazon for online stuff and Wal-Mart for in person stuff - and even then, Wal-Mart increasingly seems to want you to order online and then drive to their place to pick it up. And heck, maybe UPS and USPS will sit down and refuse to deliver the online-ordered packages, and we're all stuck driving to somewhere to pick them up, and in my little town that will mean a long drive because we won't get a distribution center....)

3. For where I live to have a more moderate (or actually: more Northern) climate. It's terribly hot here and even with air conditioning in the house it still feels oppressive and miserable and although I would LIKE to go antiquing or something, it's just too hot to. I also would like it to snow a little more here in winter. Odd thing: one evening up at my parents', I was watching some home-restoration show about a guy who goes around to really old, old houses (on the east coast - I think he is based in Pennsylvania) and he was doing a reno and they were showing the snow and showing people working in the snow, and I got SO HOMESICK for that. I kind of love snow. I don't love driving in it or even really walking very much in slush (though I love walking in the snow more than I love walking in 100 degree temperatures) but I LOVE the sight of it and I miss it in the middle of summer when it feels like it will be hot forever.

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