Friday, July 22, 2016

As threatened/promised

MOST of these things did not happen at this year's conference. I have seen a few of them (food running out, "dominance mounting" of grad students, flashdrive won't read, skipping of breaks, theft from display tables) happen at different conferences down through the years. Some of the more ridiculous ones (drunk speaker, vomiting grad student) are plausible but I have never seen them.

Let’s play…..


Food runs out at banquet or mixer

Big famous guy doesn’t show up to give plenary talk

Power outage

Pages in proceedings inserted upside-down

Projector bulb burns out during plenary

Someone with an incomprehensible accent giving a talk

Someone’s abstract left out of proceedings

Conference room is 20 degrees too hot

Not enough chairs in room

“We ran over time with the last few talks so let’s just skip the break”

Semi-famous bitter person asks “dominance mount” question of grad student

Theft from university-press vendor’s table


Speaker is drunk or high

Overzealous “parking control” tickets people with conference tags on their cars

Heated argument breaks out during “question” session of a talk

Band at evening mixer too loud; no one can talk

Remote control breaks

Conference room is 20 degrees too cold

Computer won’t read presenter’s flashdrive

Moderator fails to moderate and session becomes extremely out-of-synch with others

Really tall people in front row of audience; no one else can see slides

No refreshments provided at break/refreshments greatly delayed

Grad student giving first conference talk ever faints or throws up

Poster room has lighting too dim for anyone to read the posters

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Kim in Oregon said...

Wow, I am so lucky I go to friendly conferences. The only things I could check off in my 20 years of conference=ing is the cold conference room and the malfunctioning computers!