Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I think I cracked another tooth - this one is the one IN FRONT OF the two molars with crowns already (bobdamn British tooth genes).

The first appointment open is 9:30 am tomorrow. I have a desperate plea in to my colleagues to have someone on hand to pinch-hit proctoring my 11 am exam if I'm not back. But this is terrible. (I called everyone, apparently everyone has gone home for the day)

I....guess I'm not eating tonight or tomorrow morning. I cant risk splitting the whole tooth like happened with the last one. This feels like a small crack so hopefully the tooth is still salvageable.

I suppose I could get a milkshake but ugh, I am hating my life right now.

Well, it could be worse, I guess. My chair e-mailed me back and she will proctor the test if I'm not back. And I had a milkshake so at least I won't feel hungry overnight, and I have yogurt I can have for breakfast.

It's also possible it's not a crack at all and it's me being paranoid about my teeth, but I'd rather go out there and pay for an office visit and have the guy say "I can't find anything wrong" than not and have the tooth actually split.

I'm hoping it will be not-a-crown but I am prepared if it is. As I said once before, it's a little easier for me to face big dental stuff when there's a clear problem, rather than "gee, that old filling needs to be replaced but removing it will break the tooth so you need a crown.' And it's not a back-back tooth so it will be easier to have it worked on.

But yeah, I'm exhausted from the stress of having to scramble around and plan AND THEN get down to church for meetings, so I think I'm just going to bed.

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