Sunday, October 25, 2015

It's so 2011

I know that Nyan Cat is totally 2011 (or whenever) but I admit I still love it.

And I also love it when a variety of genres and styles are either made a pastiche of or parodied

So I love this. (warning: there is a blinky flashy bit in the middle, if blinky flashy things give you problems).

I think my favorite is either the German Beer Hall Cat or maybe the ska/Blues Brothers (I can't tell which it is supposed to be - music sounds more Blues Brothers but dress is more ska)

It also has a theremin (soooooooo magical!) at the end.

(The creator of it also has a link to his original version - on a Newgrounds site - that has slightly better video and noticeably better sound quality)

And of course, there's still this, which I still love:

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