Thursday, September 17, 2015

"The wrong way"

To quote the local weather man.

That's the direction our temperatures are going. We're supposed to have a heat index of 99 today. I am so ready to be done with this - I'm tired of all my cotton summer dresses and lightweight skirts, I want to put them away and be able to wear sweaters again.

We ARE supposed to get rain this weekend. We'll see if that happens.

Still no word back on the bloodwork. My sense of denial is telling me that they'd have called already if something was wrong. (In reality, maybe they DIDN'T have an in-house lab and those analyzers I saw were for something else, and we are still waiting).

I am still trying to keep up the lower-carbohydrate eating. The irony of it is I think I feel better physically, but less-good emotionally. (And yes, this is how I am superstitious - I think part of me believes that if I go back to eating more carbohydrates I'll get called back in immediately for more bloodwork for some reason)

I hope I get the all-clear phone call today. Or that if something IS wrong, I don't get a cryptic phone call that "you need to contact me in re: your blood results" right before they leave for the day Friday so I spend the entire weekend stewing.

It is a weird, Schrodinger's-box feeling: the Universe goes one way, and I celebrate good blood results this weekend by going out for lunch Saturday. It goes another way and I sit and stew all weekend over a cryptic phone call. Or it goes a totally different way and I am sitting in a doctor's office all of a sudden on Friday morning, with plans for further diagnostic testing or being handed a prescription for Metformin and referral to a dietician or something.

I hate uncertainty.

Still plugging away on Hagrid. I trade out projects every couple days. I still have about 9" to go on the front before I do the divides for the neck.


The head of the local Chamber of Commerce is in my CWF group so I found out Monday night that we are getting a new restaurant in town.

An Applebee's (womp womp). I never cared for them that much and the one in Sherman, years and years ago, I went in on a Friday afternoon AFTER the lunch rush, and was treated so badly as a solo diner that I swore I'd never go back there.

(The exchange went something like this: I had been standing at the "please wait to be seated" sign for about five minutes, finally someone came up to me and said, "Are you waiting for someone?" and I said no, that I wanted lunch. I waited a bit more - remember, the restaurant was NOT full - and was finally seated. Sat at my table for something like 10 minutes without getting a menu. I probably should have got up and left at that point but I am stubborn. Anyway, the server FINALLY came over, "Oh, are you waiting for the rest of your party?" No, I explained, I was alone, I wanted lunch, could I please see a took forever and I don't even remember now what I ordered but I just got the feeling they could not UNDERSTAND the concept of a woman eating lunch alone on a weekday. And I don't want to give money to a place like that).

Eh, meh. We got an IHOP a while back. I've eaten there a few times with people from church (despite their published menu showing their food being higher in sodium than I should eat). I don't know if it's our local IHOP or just their food in general, but the food there isn't great....I can make a better cheese omelet at home, and I tend to feel like, if I can make something better at home than a restaurant can, why not? It's cheaper, too. (I can make better pancakes, too. But generally restaurant pancakes, unless it's a small diner-type place that makes their own batter rather than using a mix, are not that good). I mean, eating out with a group that is going out to socialize is one thing, but I'd never go there alone for a meal.

I keep hoping we get a Panera Bread, which I think would do well here, but I don't know that we're "big" enough. (And I would eat, even alone, at a Panera, their food is pretty good and they have a number of things acceptably low in sodium and that are celery-free)

We also apparently now have a movie theater again but it's out at the casino, as part of a "family fun" complex, and where it is and the fact that it's part of a Chuck E Cheese type set up makes me not so much want to go there.

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Charlotte said...

A lot of medical offices now have electronic charting. Does yours? If so, you can look up your results without needing a call.