Tuesday, September 01, 2015

ten for Tuesday

Kim, one of the knitbloggers I read often does the Ten on Tuesday list.

I liked this week's prompt, so I decided to do my own:

10 seemingly ordinary things that bring you joy:

1. Seeing a hummingbird. (I have Turk's Cap, a type of hibiscus, and they seem to like the flowers). Big butterflies are also nice - I had a giant swallowtail visiting one of my plants last week.
2. Clean sheets on the bed
3. Getting a magazine or interesting catalog in the mail
4. Learning stuff, like some of the German I'm working on through Duolingo.
5. Chopping onions or other vegetables. I enjoy cooking and having the time to cook properly is pleasant.
6. Rain. (I miss rain. We haven't had rain in a long long time)
7. Starting a new book
8. Glitter toenail polish
9. Finding out that someone I just met or don't know very well shares a common interest with me or likes one of the same things I like
10. Going into a craft store. Even a big-box craft store like JoAnn's.

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