Friday, September 18, 2015

Good news, everybody!

(And I wonder what percentage of people heard that in Prof. Farnsworth's voice?)

Called my voice mail at home - "one new message."

Yup, from the nurse at my doctor's. Blood results are in and "everything looks good."

I'm not going to question it further. If I really want to know the numbers, I can make an appointment to go over them but if my doctor is happy about them (and anyway, I had no real reason to worry, except for the possibility I have a few rogue genes that predispose me to type II diabetes), then I'm happy about it.

I can enjoy my weekend now even though I will be working (grading and prepping the next chapter of PI) for part of it.

And I promised myself this morning: If you get the results, and they are good, you are going to Sherman this afternoon for "big" grocery shopping, and to see if the new knitting mags are in, AND you will treat yourself out to lunch. Have not yet decided on whether to do Panera Bread or my favorite barbecue place, but I'm leaning towards barbecue and trying one of their other meats - they have chicken and turkey as well as pork, and I bet pulled smoked chicken is pretty good.

I'm not going to go NUTS with my diet - I will continue to be careful about how much sugar I eat - but I'm also going to stop being so nuts in the other direction and deem it okay to occasionally have some cookies or ice cream.

(And I am SURE the exercise is a good thing. I feel better on days when I exercise in the morning: I'm more focused, I'm better able to cope with the craziness life throws at me. And I can tell my waist is getting smaller thanks to all the "core" exercise on the video.)

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