Friday, September 18, 2015

Almost joining time

Two more rounds on the neck/shoulder part of Starbuck, and then it's time to join to work in the round and start the striping. I *think* this is the first top-down sweater I've knit in the round and I know it's the first one with saddle sleeves. (I can't remember now if Cobblestone was top down or bottom up)

It does take some "different thinking" to accept that, "yes, this funny-looking piece will turn into a sweater with sleeves and everything" (At some point, you put the sleeve-stitches on holders, and then pick them back up later).

I do prefer knitting in the round - where, unless you are doing some kind of fancy stitch pattern, you always knit and never purl. Also, it's much less sewing up at the end - very few seams, usually just attaching at the underarm point.

I'm thinking the next-up project, at least among sweaters, is going to be the Scarf Vest from Centenary Stitches. This is a nineteen-teens style sweater, but I don't think it will look costumey if I wear it with other "modern" clothing. I have some pretty purple dk weight wool yarn in my stash (bought from Webs, IIRC) for it.

I really hope it cools down soon. As I said I'm getting tired of wearing the same dresses and skirts and I want to be able to get my knitted garments back out and wear them again.

(I have decided if I don't hear from the doctor's today, I am going to assume that that means the blood work came back okay; today will be three days since I had it done and it normally never takes longer than that, even when I went to the hospital to get it done. And really, when I think about it: I've followed an exercise program for over 20 years and I know exercise is one of the major ways of preventing bad health outcomes....and I have felt better recently than in a long time. So almost certainly everything is okay. They don't have online reporting of things like this at my doctor's; it's a fairly small practice.)

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Dyddgu said...

Oh! I made the Violet's Jacket from Centenary Stitches a while back for WWI re-enactment. I really need to get a good photo of it. When I bought the pattern there weren't all those patterns in the book yet - thanks for making me go back and take a look, I am going to have to plunder it further I reckon :)