Wednesday, July 08, 2015

And a top

This is the most-recently-finished top:

Texas two-step top

It's, I guess you'd call it a "large twin" size - larger than the Bento Box quilt. The pattern is the Texas Two-Step pattern, made using the larger sized blocks (the pattern has both 6" and 9" blocks and you can choose which one to do).

The fabrics are from the Far Far Away line, which I think was a reprint of an earlier line, because I've seen some of these fabrics in quilts in books a couple years old. It has a fairy-tale theme: unicorns, Princess and the Pea, frog prince, roses.....Here's a close up of some of the fabrics:


I really like that unicorn fabric; I think it was my favorite in the whole packet. Not just the design but that color - the rich orange.

princess and the pea

The Princess and the Pea fabric is not so successful in a quilt like this because of the way you cut the fabrics, but still, you can kind of see the design.

I have no idea how I'm going to have this quilted or even what I'm going to use as a back. I don't have a big enough piece of anything that would work (either color-wise or design-wise) in my stash.


It's very humid again and we're supposed to get drenching rain (surprise, probably right as I"m driving to work). I'm kind of discouraged because (a) my bursitis is back and (b) my teeth are hurting again.

I'm pretty sure a is the result of the humidity and also maybe wearing dress shoes every day on concrete floors. I think b is because some of the grasses are flowering and it's affecting my allergies. But it stinks to get rid of what had been a constant pain and then have it come back.

Another little slightly discouraging thing but something I had kind of thought about: one of the local news stations runs a thing called "Moms Everyday" (aka: free advertising for local businesses, some of which have a tenuous relationship with parenting at best) but they were flogging an upcoming segment on "making mommy friends" and one woman said something like, "Trying to make friends with other moms is exhausting; I see it as being like dating."

And yeah. That's one of the issues with adult friends; there are all those weird things that are involved with it. It seems like when you're a kid you make friends because the other kids around like to play kickball and you are good at kickball, or you make friends because you're wearing a t-shirt with a kitten on it and some other girl comes up to you and it turns out she likes kittens, and it's just easier somehow. Fewer hang-ups.

I was (no real surprise, seeing as I'm a long-term single) not that great at dating and maybe that's partly why I'm slightly Moondancer-esque as an adult.

I would also note that it's probably harder - or I think it's harder - for a single, childless adult to make friends as an adult in a town where most of the people in their age group have kids, because without that bond of having kids in common, or having kids who could play together, there's less to make a bond.

Also, I think in the Facebook era, "Friend" means something different than it used to. For me to consider someone a friend, rather than a "friendly acquaintance," it has to be someone I would drive to the doctor if they needed it (or would do the same for me), someone I would eat a meal with, someone I could work alongside of on some task....

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