Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Wednesday morning stuff

* Working on both the Holi Festival socks (I finally figured out how the cabling pattern "works" - it's an alternating cable) and a pair of simple ribbed armwarmers using some self-striping yarn. The armwarmers are made of String Theory yarn, I think the base is called Time, and the colorway is "Phaseolus." I love that so much - Phaseolus, as I mentioned earlier, is the genus of the common garden bean that I grow - and the yarn stripes in green, whitish yellow (like wax beans) and purple (there are purple beans. I grew them one year but found that they were tougher than plain green beans and also the purple color cooked out of them, so they weren't purple when you went to eat them).

Stuff like that, little stuff that intersects with my area of interest, makes me happy. (I stalked the site until she had Geosmin yarn back in stock. Geosmin is one of the compounds that is "the smell of soil" - it is a terpenoid compound made by a group of bacteria (Actinomycetes, probably more accurately known as Actinobacteria, but I learned them as Actinomycetes) that live in the soil. (Apparently geosmin is also present in beets - hence the "earthy" taste - and in some freshwater bottom-feeding fish like catfish - which is why they sometimes smell and taste "muddy")

* It's been extremely humid here, and we're starting up with the thing where it doesn't cool down overnight, which is the thing that gets me down THE MOST about summers here. We're supposed to get storms some time....I've been running the airconditioner, partly to suck some of  the humidity out of the air (I don't breathe as comfortably, and I find my hives get worse, when it is very humid)

* I'm happy and surprised at how much the new season of Ponies has revitalized some of the fandom....already there's fanart of the four new ponies (Sugar Belle seems to be the favorite, as I predicted, though I have to admit I have considerable love for Party Favor. And yeah, the shippings have begun: Party Favor and Sugar Belle are both unicorns and have similar interests, Double Diamond and Night Glider are both "athletic" ponies (he skis, she is a pegasus who flies, of course. And yeah, the detractors are calling her "Rainbow Dash Lite" and similar but meh, there are gonna be ponies with similar talents out there)

Anyway. There's also totally ridiculous stuff like this (warning: Pony converted into a spider) making the rounds. (That made me laugh so hard. The little extra eyes! The extra spider eyes! And of course, Fluttershy would be the spiderfied pony because she was also the bat pony. Wait....maybe she's like one half of the Wonder Twins and can convert into any animal at will. Though having a co-pony who would simultaneously convert into water would be kind of useless).

I also liked this bit of fanart (that's Sugar Belle, before she gets her own cutie mark and talent (and bouncy mane with those ponytail holders with the little plastic balls on them like I had as a kid) back. And it makes me laugh because that's almost exactly my expression when someone hugs me unexpectedly. (ETA: This is what Sugar Belle looks like after she "transforms" back to her real self. Note the ponytail holders. I had some like that when I was about 8.)

Actually, you know? I do like Sugar Belle. I like Party Favor just a little better because his talent is more unusual (and there aren't as many boy ponies), but I do like Sugar Belle and I hope somehow the writers will find a way to bring those four back again, at least for a cameo.

Oh, cartoons. How I love geeking out on you. Cartoons and stuffed toys, the two things I will never outgrow.

* Most of my little plants are coming up. I'm gonna have to thin the turnips again - had extremely high percentage germination on those. And the beets are starting, as are the beans. It's probably about time for me to start the second wave of beans (I stagger plantings so I have a longer harvesting time).

It also may be time, this weekend, to think about tomatoes for real. It's probably past the last frost date by now....

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