Friday, April 03, 2015

Friday Photo Dump

A bunch of photos of stuff I forgot to photograph, and a couple new things that have delighted me.

One will go behind a break because it's a "spoiler" in case anyone else is in the String Theory yarn club....that will be at the end.


I never posted the two pairs of socks I finished on spring break! Part of that is I kept saying, These are darkish yarns, I need to at least pre-rinse them before wearing so the dye won't come off on my feet. But I keep forgetting and now it's kind of warm to wear wool socks so....

First off: Electric Fluttershy socks. This is ACTUALLY String Theory Continuum in the colorway called Strontium-20. But to me the bright pink and yellow remind me of Favorite Pony, so:

electric fluttershy socks

Just simple 64-stitch socks, but sometimes that's most effective with a strongly patterned yarn like this one.

And the Copper Penny socks I had been working on forever are done:

copper penny socks

(With bonus photobomb from the Electric Fluttershy socks!)

This is a Nancy Bush pattern, but is simpler than many of her patterns - just a four-round lace repeat, but it looks nice knit up. I used Madeline Tosh in  the color Amber Trinket. (I think it was just her standard Sock yarn)

I'm working on the Holi Festival socks but am not very far yet.

And a couple things that delight me. Something I've had for a while first:

Pearlie my calming manatee

This is Pearlie, my calming manatee. Way back, several months ago, the Calming Manatee tumblr* (and the Calming Manatee website which is slightly different) were making the rounds.

(*which is inexplicably doing a "guest week" with birds this week. Hopefully they will be back to manatees soon)

 I think someone on ITFF posted them first? Or maybe purlewe found them and shared them on Twitter? Anyway, I forget. But "calming manatees" have been a thing on ITFF recently....shortly after learning of them I bought my own stuffed manatee to be my calming manatee.

She went for a long time without a good name, but I finally decided her name was Pearlie. And today, I decided she needed a pretty bow, so I bought a little ribbon at the JoAnn's so she could have a bow....

I also have been buying and reading the My Little Pony comics since their inception. (The main series is on number 29, so that's what, almost a year and a half - they're monthly). This month's issue was a fun one:


Wrestling: canon in Equestria. (At least in the comics - it has been declared that the comics are outside of show-canon). Also, in the comic version of Equestria, Cheerilee has a twin sister, Cherry Blossom, who is a masked pony wrestler.

(There's also an extremely cute - almost cute enough, methinks, to merit an amigurumi pony of her - friend/fellow-wrestler of Cherry Blossom named Lucky Clover - green, short orange mane, freckles. (Hm. Maybe Lyra has been displaced as the St. Paddy's Day Pony).

I love these comics greatly and return to them when I need a few minutes of amusement and diversion from my adult life.

And  something I ordered the other day when I was in the Slough of Despond over all the ugly news swirling around my place of employment:

moomin mug

(Amazon and other online sites are dangerous for me. Too easy to buy myself presents when I'm feeling sad.)

It's a moomin mug! Moomins are hugely popular in Japan. (Japan seems to be the home of whimsy, these days. Well, along with some other things that don't seem to translate so smoothly into American culture). This is called a "soup mug," I suppose because of the very wide lip. I just like it because it's pretty.

I have many mugs, but none that match. If I ever had a blog-reader tea-party, everyone would wind up with mismatched vessels - someone would get my Mr. Tea mug, and someone would get the Moomins, and someone would get the ridiculously huge mug with a reproduction of a van Gogh painting on it, and someone would get my "Gourmet Girl" mug, and someone would get the St. Benedict "Ora et Labora" mug that I got as a freebee when I ordered a bunch of stuff from Monastery Greetings....

Spoiler yarn below here.

The newest yarn for the String Theory club came. I love being part of this - I forget the yarn is coming, and then I come home and there's a package in my mailbox, and I go "Wait, I didn't order anything" and then I see the return address and remember. And then there's the fun surprise of "what is inside?"

I am doing this next year if she offers the club next year, it's too much fun not to.

Anyway, the yarn this time is called T A G which is a stop codon in DNA. She says the colors remind her of a stoplight, but I have to admit I looked at the yarn:

And said, "It's Rasta yarn!" Yeah, the colors are similar to those in the Jamaican flag.

Still, it makes me smile, and it will eventually become socks. (I still haven't made anything from the pretty pink-and-grey Oxytocin colorway from February, that will either be socks or mitts, haven't decided yet)

One of the things that delights me so greatly about this club (and these yarns in general) is the science-based names and the clever ideas behind the colorways. I feel like, "This is one of my people!" when I see her yarns, and that's a good thing to feel.


Nicole said...

Way cool socks. And that is an adorable mug!

purlewe said...


and I love all of the socks. but now I need to go stalk the moomin mug on my amazon acct.

Lynn said...

I love the mug! I'm something of a mug collector myself, though I don't buy as many as I would like because I don't have anywhere to put more mugs.