Saturday, April 04, 2015

New Pony Day

Yup, it's today. In 40 minutes from now. I'm pretty excited.

They're showing some of the older (earlier-generation, I guess it's 3.5? From the late 2000s?) movies right now. These were....they're really very written for small children, designed to be as mild and non-perilous as possible. I have them on in the background while doing piano practice and writing an exam, but (a) the voices are a bit too childlike (grating) and (b) the need to be as un-scary as possible makes them....different somehow.

That said, I can't make gagging noises or anything. They're not AWFUL. I might have felt so at a younger age, but as I get older and tireder and more battered by the world, and I get the reminder that Life Is Not Fair Or Even Just and People Are Selfish brought home to me on a regular basis, I find that cartoons - many of which do have a resolution to problems, and more of a direct justice to things* - well, they are something I seem to need more. I wish that our world did have more situations that were easily resolved by people talking stuff out, or where there actually was visible justice.

(*I am SURE this is also why I like detective stories. The intelligent man (or woman) is celebrated because they can untie the knot of the problem, and in the end, the person who did wrong is found out and punished (or in some stories, they punish themselves - more than a few mystery novels end with the perpetrator taking his own life)

A few random Pony thoughts, because random Pony thoughts are the best kind of random thoughts:

* I misspoke on Cherry Blossom's wrestler-pony friend. Her name is Cloverleaf, not Lucky Clover. (I think Lucky Clover is a male background pony on the show). And yes, I'm still contemplating the possibility of a Lucky Clover stuffie, but only after I make (a) Folio, (b) Maud, and (c) Trixie. And I'd have to get yarn for it - I don't have any of the right colors. At least not in worsted weight acrylic.

* I want to start Folio soon. Can't decide whether to put the Mabel Pines doll on hiatus for that or whether to just power through and finish Mabel first. Probably to be "fair" I should finish her first.

* The current show needs to bring back Minty (in all her silly-poniness) back in some capacity. Distant cousin to Pinkie Pie, or maybe to Twist? Minty and Pinkie Pie seem to be good friends in the old generation...

* They also should maybe bring Wisteria back as a garden-expert pony. Maybe even as a "Pony Elder" of a sort. (Elder in the sense of Wise Woman, not in the sense of what I do at church on some Sundays...)

* Actually, they could have a few Pony Elders: Wisteria, Lavender Lace, Rose Sachet....(I tend, for some reason, to associate wisteria with older women. Perhaps because a few of the ladies I know grow wisteria. I had a plant but it died because of the drought and I didn't realize what it was, it was shortly after I moved in here)

* They are bringing back Smooze, which I predict is going to be pretty funny.

* The earlier generation shows, I can tell, are very much written for small children. "Every pony is a princess in her heart." Ick. No. I don't think of myself as that, and even as a kid I didn't think of that - in fact, if I dreamed of grown-up occupations, it was stuff like being an artist or a writer or a farmer or something where I "made" stuff.  Though I admit there are times when I'd love to be able to say, "I have spoken" and have people be absolutely unable to question my decision. (Then again, that's how revolutions get fomented....)

*It's odd hearing what amounts to Rarity's voice and character coming out of a "Rainbow Dash" in the earlier gens. And Rarity being a filly unicorn who is pink and screws stuff up. And Spike having a weird, fruity, stuck-up sounding pseudo-British accent.  (Then again, there's something slightly endearing about his officiousness and tendency to write himself into fairy tales)

* And Breezies are all over the place in these, but they're quite different from current-gen Breezies. 

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CGHill said...

G3.5 dates from 2009, and therefore had only about one year in the sun: they were basically G3 characters, but heavily made over. (G4, you'll remember, became real on 10/10/10.)