Friday, April 17, 2015

a random thought

Said over on ITFF: "I can understand that last. I get kind of bitey when there are too many strange people around who want to interact with me."

(In response to someone talking about having friends over to "meet" her crested geckos and one of them being a little bitey because of the stress).

The funny thing is, I immediately wondered if my Ravatar-creature (currently it's Fluttershy OF COURSE) would get "bitey" if she felt threatened. Or if any of the Ponies would. Or, if somehow, there were forced Pony-human interaction (I KNOW THE EARLIER SHOWS HAD IT BUT I DO NOT WANT THIS TO BE A THING IN THE CURRENT RUN) would result in someone biting someone.

(I'm guessing Rainbow Dash would be most likely to bite a would-be human handler)

But yeah. I don't literally get "bitey" but when I have too much forced interaction with strange people I get kind of uncomfortable and am not totally myself. (It's the Introvert Way.)

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