Friday, April 17, 2015

a little bleg

Does anyone out there in blogreader land have a favorite online grocery/gourmet food supplier?

I'm thinking especially for the slightly  oddball things I use that can be hard to find here - for example, Pacific Foods' "bone stock" is unsalted and is wonderful for using in soup, but I have to get it from the natural foods store in Sherman (and hope they have it in stock the day I get down there).

I've used Amazon for some things but in a few cases, you have to order such an enormous quantity AND some of the sellers seem to have stuff close to its expiration date - and I can't buy a case of six (or whatever) boxes of bone stock and have to use it up within two weeks or something.

(The one online-for-delivery-nationwide grocer I tried didn't sell bone stock. And it would be very certain specific things - low-sodium varieties of some stuff, things without certain additives*)

(*I love the bone stock because it has two ingredients: chicken (and chicken bones) and rosemary extract. The rosemary extract is a preservative. It has no added salt, no celery to give me hives, no green pepper to maybe give me hives....)

I don't always have time to drive to Sherman when I want to for stuff....this week it's going to be an effort as I don't get out of class before 2, and we might have bad afternoon storms, and Saturday will be worse, and besides, I have some research stuff I need to do tomorrow....

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purlewe said...

OK 2 I have used.

one that is local to me

found while looking