Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Well, it happened

Not like I expected it would, though.

Wilson Street is the street that runs in front of my building. It is a left turn off of First, which is one of the "main drag" streets of town.I always expect there to be a wreck on Wilson because it's narrow, twisty, and people park ON THE STREET which is really too narrow for that.

Today I was supposed to take my class out for a field lab. I went and got the van, drove up First, came to Wilson. There was traffic so I slowed way down until it was safe to turn.

Started my turn when - WHAM - I heard it more than felt it. A millisecond later, I thought, "Crap, someone hit me" (and the car was slewing over to the right - the guy hit the rear left side). I kept the van from running up on the curb and fortunately, there weren't any apartment-complex denizens parked in the fire lane right there, so I didn't have to worry about hitting another car.

Then I realized - oh no, this is a university van. Oh, no, Motor Pool Lady is gonna be UNHAPPY.

I called her. I was shaking but managed to get out that (a) there were no students in the van (b) yes, I had my directional on (I KNOW it was on. I remember turning it on and I remember hearing it and seeing the turn arrow going on the dash), and (c) I was not hurt. Oh, and (d) the guy who hit me was still there. (We've had a rash of hit-and-runs recently).

So she sent the campus police out, they also summoned the local police. I called my secretary and told her to tell my lab group to hang loose.....

and then later called her to cancel lab altogether, because the police needed a statement from me and they needed my help in finding the insurance information on the van.

The person who hit me said to ME (I hope he also said to the police) that it was his fault, he wasn't paying attention. But I think it was pretty clear it was his fault - I was making a left turn and waited for it to be safe, and I had my blinkers on.

The local cop did express relief there were no students in the van - "This way, I only have to take ONE statement." (Well, also, that means no risk of parents getting upset....)

The van was still drivable so I took it back to motor pool and left it (the campus police offered to drive me back in the van if I didn't feel up to it but I did). Retrieved my car, and I had to wait here for a bit to get the official report I had to fill out from Motor Pool Lady. (She did tell me, "It wasn't your fault" - but you know, that sort of shock-response after an accident? I wonder - did I turn too slowly? Could I have prevented it? Probably not, but still)

I'm okay. I'm not freaked out any more (I was shaking after it first happened, but fairly calm - I didn't go teary or anything when the cop talked to me, and I was able to remember where I had my driver's license, since I didn't have my purse with me). I think my shoulders are going to be sore tomorrow morning though, from tensing up.

I guess if I had to be in a car accident, this was the best kind - I wasn't hurt, it wasn't my fault, and it wasn't even my car. (oh, if it had been my car - Spring Break trip would have been cancelled as I would have had no way to get to Mineola, unless my insurance would cover a loaner car for me....)

But, gah. Not what I wanted at all. I still have Elders' and Board Meetings tonight, and I kind of have to go (I am Head Elder). I'd rather not, I'd rather take a warm bath and go to bed early but I know I need to be there.

Edited to add: I really hope this doesn't somehow end up on the Permanent Record that I still kind of fear is out there about me. I've been assured there was nothing I could have done to prevent it, but still....sometimes stuff gets changed and twisted in transmission.


Lydia said...


Nicole said...

So glad to hear you were not hurt.

Kucki68 said...

Glad neither you nor anyone else was injured! And that you still have a car for spring break.

Joan said...

I agree with Lydia! So glad you are (mostly) okay. Don't underestimate the fatigue caused by stress.

purlewe said...

So glad you are (mostly) ok. please be gentle with yourself for a little while.

Friar said...

Had not seen this, glad all damage was minimal.