Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring project thoughts

Packing for spring break is going to be a challenge - evening meeting(s) tonight, evening meeting tomorrow night, need to leave not too long after class on Friday (and I will also need to do things like unplug stuff and take the trash out).

I might take the Hagrid sweater with me to work on. I think I'll also take the Nessie pattern and yarn, and the Flapjack Frogs pattern and the Wool-Ease Chunky I bought to make an oribatid mite out of. (I'm wondering what would be the best needle size to use for that. I think I have some 13 dpns, but those might be too large....I don't think I have any 10s.)

Also, probably the copper penny socks (I don't have a CHANCE of finishing those between now and leaving-time). And maybe another pair of socks....either the Electric Fluttershy socks, or maybe wind off the skein of Madeline Tosh "Holi Festival" sock yarn - I have a cabled sock pattern I want to use that for.

(Holi Festival - this is actually a Hindu holiday; it's the one where people throw colored powder - like dry tempera paint, but I guess it was traditionally vegetable dyes, like turmeric - at each other. The yarn is a white base with flecks of many bright colors. I guess Holi was just recently? From what I remember seeing on the news?)

I don't know. I'm STILL tired from the time change and feel kind of harried, like I don't have time to prepare to go on break. I'm going to have to make a list so I don't forget anything important.

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Nicole said...

Holi is the only reason I want to go to India. All that color everywhere! A yarn based on that sounds lovely.