Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday afternoon random

* Roger, if you do want the CD, e-mail me your mailing address and I'll send it out. Address is over to the right (and you probably have it anyway, from the comments I've left on your place).

* I'm working on a new quilt top. Super bright, maybe obnoxiously bright fabrics. (The sashing is a very yellowish green). The focus fabrics are from the Far Far Away line, which features unicorns and frogs and roses and the Princess and the Pea. It makes me happy. I love novelty fabric and I cannot lie.

I did finish the long-stalled "Book of Stamps" quilt - I was going to photograph it this afternoon (it was sunny out) but then I got distracted by stuff and wound up with my hair washed and in what amount to pyjamas and didn't want to go back out. Maybe tomorrow will also be sunny.

I think I stalled on that top because (a) all pale fabrics (b) not as "interesting" as novelty fabrics and (c) a limited palette of both colors and prints. But I will eventually either quilt it or have it quilted.

* I did also work some on the top in the frame. I have maybe 1/3 of the border left to do but because it's kind of a complex design, it takes a while.

* The reason I wound up in my pyjamas early is that I went out and did some yardwork this afternoon despite my hip bursitis still bugging me. (I actually think motion is better for it than stillness is, and it seems like sitting on a low chair is worst).

I mowed the lawn (it was all weeds - mostly henbit - but I still worry about the city coming after me again for "too tall vegetation." Never mind that I have neighbors' whose is taller.) Then I decided to clean up the raised beds and plant them - which necessitated a trip out for mushroom compost to top-dress and I also wound up buying some seeds.

I already had French Fingerling beans (the BEST green beans ever and I look for that variety every year). I planted two rows of those and will plant two more in another 10 days or so to have a slightly staggered harvest. And I also bought a packet of "Detroit Dark Red" beets (I think this is one of the old, old varieties). I like beets, and while my previous success was not so good (some didn't form beets, they just grew lots of tops - and I don't like beet greens that much) I wanted to try again.

And this year, I am trying turnips. I'm not an ENORMOUS fan of turnips, but I'm thinking ones from the garden might be more appealing than the overgrown and dried-out ones from the store. And anyway, I can mash them with potatoes and make neeps and tatties and that would be a bit more appealing than just plain turnips.

Still too early for tomatoes, I think....and anyway, the plants on offer looked really puny. (I don't start tomatoes from seed, I have nowhere good in the house to raise them). I'll wait another couple of weeks and see, it's still not even April.

I keep looking at the bare patch at the back of my yard where the enormous leaf pile used to be, and think, "I should order a load of topsoil and make it into a big garden and just plant it with shade perennials." I still might do that, I like the idea of a big garden of hostas or whatever. (I'm not a huge hosta fancier but they're the first thing I think of when I think of "specimen plants for shade")

If I could get a locksmith to change the broken (won't open) lock on the back fence I could have the topsoil seller just pull into the alley and offload it easily....simpler and less hauling than having them dump it on my drive (and less mess, and less disruption for me) and cheaper than buying the soil bag by bag at the garden center.

(I'm also wondering if there's any kind of edible-fruit-bearing plant that would do well in would be lovely to have raspberry canes or blueberry bushes, but my backyard is kind of shady)

* I also cast on for the Holi Festival (that's the name of the yarn colorway) socks - I think I am going to go and work on those and watch Big Hero Six.

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