Monday, March 16, 2015

Just pure happiness

This video first made the rounds when Guardians of the Galaxy first came out:

I still love it. There's just a joy there in that dancing. And even though the reason WHY a Baby Groot came to be is a little sad (and yet....behind that sadness there's, not exactly happiness, but there's a feeling that what happened was noble and right). But on the other hand - Groot does live on as Baby Groot.

I think I like the video for a couple of reasons beyond those. First, the music. Even though Michael Jackson's later life (and, really much of the rest of that family) had some strange and sad aspects, the early Jackson 5 music is undeniably happy, catch, and peppy. And also, I have to admit - even though I once commented I "didn't dance," when I do (all alone in my house by myself), I DO dance kind of like Baby Groot - mostly standing in one place but waving my arms and torso around.

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