Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Paddy's

It's St. Patrick's Day. Yeah, I know it's a bigger deal in the US than it actually is in Ireland, and for a lot of people, it's a day of drinking and debauchery. (I doubt the historical St. Patrick would have been so happy with that - well, maybe okay with the drinking, but not to excess)

For those of us with (some) Irish heritage, sometimes the day is a day to make traditional foods - soda bread, and potato dishes, and corned beef (which is actually more Irish-American, and isn't something I care for anyway, even if it weren't too high in sodium - lamb or mutton is actually more "traditionally" Irish).

In recent, recent years, among Pony fans, Lyra has kind of become the unofficial St. Paddy's Pony. Partly for her color scheme, partly (perhaps) for her lyre (Irish harp? not quite the same shape) cutie mark.

Here's a cute example, from Contreras19 (who has specified sharing is okay with credit):

A lot of the images show her in Irish step-dancing clothes, which I like. It is very cute and I could imagine her learning how to dance.

And here's another St. Patrick's Lyra, from Giant Mosquito (No comment is made about "free to share" so I'm linking to the image and you can go over to see it. Perfectly SFW....it's a "kiss me I'm Irish" comment).

Though I'm not sure what the Equestrian version of "Irish" would be.

French was once referred to as "Fancy Talk" in an episode, and one of the fanfic writers referred to "Germane" (like Germany) - the idea being the words are somehow converted to Pony. 

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