Thursday, March 05, 2015

Especially for Lynn...

....who commented about someone needing to make a toy tardigrade*

Challenge accepted, even long before it was made. Once again, here's Wilbur:


He's fairly small - and I remember at first trying to design a knitted tardigrade before giving up on it. (I made him a while back, maybe 2006 or so?)

There's also a small tardigrade from Giant Microbes. But yeah, someone needs to make a pillow-sized tardigrade.

And what the heck, here's a second one, partly in honor of International Book Day:


(*and in case that was a sly joke acknowledging that I had already made one, I missed it, sorry.)


And sadly, there's no shipping notification on my isopod yet, so I'm guessing the March 6 delivery date was over optimistic. (It's from a third-party seller, so.....sometimes that doesn't work with Amazon's estimates). Oh well.


Nicole said...

That is cute! And the isopod is adorable. The TSA shouldn't give you hassle. I travel with a stuffed otter all the time and they've never blinked an eye. :)

Lynn said...

He's very cute. And I love the little chairs in front of the books.