Thursday, March 05, 2015

A finished thing

But first, a photograph of my Snow Day:

snowy day

That's not much snow at all by Northern standards, and if this were Illinois, the road would be plowed, I'd have been expected to have the sidewalk shoveled off, and everything would be open - but we don't have plows or salt (and we did get about 1/10" of ice that is hidden under the snow).

So I have another snow day. Yay, the students don't have to try to decide whether it's worth the risk to drive in, yay, I don't have to try to get myself on campus for an 8 am class that might not have anyone there. Boo, I'm a day closer to an exam in my big class and I can't cover the material that will be on it....

And I have the ethical dilemma: do I write my exam and read journal articles, or do I knit or sew instead. I know what I want to do but also what I should do....(Then again: if I write the exam and read the articles, that would mean Saturday, when it's going to be in the 50s, I could go antiquing....)

Also, a couple of "finished object" photos. I actually finished this cowl a week ago but was never wearing the right colors to photograph it with.

This is the Purl Ridge Cowl by Stephen West.


It's a nice, unisex pattern (on the pattern itself, West shows a male model - himself or another person, I don't know - wearing the cowl). But it also works for women, as you can see:

cowl on

The nice thing about cowls is they don't work loose like scarves do - and they generally fit more closely so they keep you warmer. (Though perhaps after today, there won't be much need of such things until November or so....)

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purlewe said...

I will be honest with you. I haven't seen much snowplowing done up here either. And my sister got stuck in IN and abandoned her car due to lack of plowing.