Thursday, March 12, 2015

And mostly packed....

I did go to the meetings last night; I figured it was a lot easier (since I had to make the April Elder's schedule) than not. I did get a few people fussing over me a bit when I told them about the accident. And there's one piece of rather interesting news, which I can't talk about, but which, if it works out as I hope, could be a good thing for us.

But I did also do most of the packing for my trip yesterday afternoon, which helped to cheer me up. I've got the clothes I need mostly packed (I had done laundry the day before, so I had plenty of clean stuff). And I tucked in the yarn and patterns for the Nessie and for the oribatid mite. And eyes. (Yes, my bag of eyes. Easier than trying to guess what size the oribatid mite would take and maybe grabbing the wrong ones)

And I wound off the Holi Festival yarn, the more I think about it, the more I want to make those cabled socks with it. And a skein of String Theory Colorworks yarn ("Time," I think the base was) in a colorway called Phaseolus for mitts.

I really like the colorway. (I really love String Theory Colorworks, not just because their yarn is good quality and interesting, but they name their colorway so appealingly - at least, appealingly to a scientist). Phaseolus is the scientific name for the genus of common beans - you know, the beans you grow in the garden? The Phaseolus colorway is a striping mix of green (green beans), a pale whitish-yellow (wax beans!), and purple (those purple beans, which I grew once, but which disappointed me because the purple color was destroyed upon cooking - rendering them plain green - but they were tougher than regular green beans).

I'm going to do just a simple pair of ribbed knit wristwarmers; by and large simple patterns like ribbing work best for self-stripers.

As for ongoing projects, I have to decide tonight - probably will tuck in the Copper Penny socks, seeing as I am so close to finishing them. And perhaps the pangolin, though I'm getting annoyed at crocodile stitch right now. And the Electric Fluttershy socks. And I need to be sure to take my box of notions with me (needles, and scissors, and stitch markers, and measuring tape....) and more mundane things like medications and makeup.

I might not take any larger projects; I don't know - it's only a week's trip and I hope to spend at least a little of the time shopping as well. And there will probably be a few "handyman" type jobs my dad's knees won't permit him to do but that my mom can't do....

And a couple books - "The Black Count," and a new Hamish MacBeth mystery (I didn't realize she was still writing these, but this one had a copyright date of 2014...) and a copy of "How the Scots Invented the Modern World" which has been on my bookshelf for YEARS (along with a related one called something like "Crowded with Genius" which is in a similar vein). I might or might not stick in another novel for "insurance" against long train delays. (I have both "Cakes and Ale" and "Felix Holt, the Radical" in my to-read-soon pile)

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