Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yup, it's closed

Got a snow day tomorrow.

This is good, and I think a good call on my uni president's part, because my front walk looks like a sheet of ice and I saw someone trying to go uphill on my street (it has a slight incline) but going downhill.

And I know BEFORE bed, so no need to set the alarm clock. Win-win, because I had to get up early Saturday for the recruitment event, and early-ish today to make the salad for church today. (And I'm REALLY glad the sleet held off until after everyone was home from the luncheon)

I started the Mabel Pines amigurumi and will probably work on it more tomorrow. (Mabel Pines would probably really LOVE amigurumi - she knits and also is crazy over cute things)

And I'm also glad that I made the effort to do my grocery shopping Friday afternoon even if it was crowded and a little bit of a pain.


Roger Owen Green said...

good for you; wish I had tomorrow off. Wait, I do; vacation day to catch up on things.

Joan said...

Have a lovely, cozy extra day off. Enjoy your bonus gift from the universe!