Monday, February 23, 2015

What I did

So here's what I did today:

- got up around 6:30, which is two hours later than on a normal day
- dinked around online, ate breakfast, practiced a little piano
- worked a bit on the crocheted pangolin toy
- got most of the head and body done on Mabel Pines
- did the dvd workout I usually do on m, w, f
- practiced more piano
- spent more time online
- heated up cauliflower soup and blueberry muffins for lunch
- watched PONIES reruns, so there's that.

I do need to wash my hair and fix dinner (I cooked shrimp - I can get the wild-caught frozen Gulf of Mexico shrimp for not too much bucks here - on Saturday so I probably better eat the leftovers tonight)

I'm actually hoping they cancel tomorrow, the streets look pretty grim from what I can see. (We don't have salt here, not that I've seen. Some city truck came through and dropped a little sand at the intersection, but a little sand doesn't help much) I've seen the few cars/pickups that came through sliding a little and there have been some bad-sounding accidents reported on the news. The mail-lady (Or, if you're in Simpsons-world, the femail-man) came through with chains on her tires, so she made it okay.

I don't WANT to miss another day but I don't want to brave frozen streets at sparrowfart tomorrow morning (and I teach an 8 am class Tuesdays), so I hope we close. (Or, have a 2- hour delayed start. I'd miss my first class but the second one could meet, and it might be safer to drive in once it was light out)

lots of the local public schools have closed, the community college on the other side of the river is closed....

Channel 9 (OKC) is saying this weekend will be even grimmer, which is kind of sad, because that sinks my plans to go antiquing or whatever for my birthday. I DO have a shrink-wrapped steak that is still well within its sell-by date, so I can make a birthday dinner, and I might make baked custard as a birthday dessert (maybe even coconut custard; I have coconut milk on hand and coconut flavoring)

My parents did tell me they sent an "extra" small gift as it looked unlikely I'd get out for my birthday, so there's that consolation. And I can probably make a fun day later on at some point when the weather is better. And I've got heat and food and things to do at home, so really, I'm okay.

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