Monday, February 16, 2015

Cold and rainy

Well, the streets were unfrozen, at least. But there was a glaze of ice on the leaves of the Abelia outside my front door, and on the porch railing, and there was a micro-icicle hanging from the corner of the roof. And the rain seemed to really, really want to freeze on my windshield as I was driving in (I kept the wipers going, and hit it a couple times with slightly-warmer-than-air-temperature wiper fluid). If the doors of my car freeze shut (it's a Ford, that's been known to happen with Fords), I hope Campus Police has some way of unsticking them.

I've said before, coming in to work on a bad-weather Federal holiday feels a little....I don't know. I had to go back out last night (in the rain) to pull my rollcart back up from the curb after getting the robo-call (nice to see that Maud Pie has found a place of employment other than the rock farm) telling me that there was no pickup today. (I had forgotten; I ignore "holidays" that aren't actually holidays. I guess there's no mail today, either).

All the local schoolkids are off. Not because of the weather, because of the Federal holiday. (A few places up in Pontotoc County, where they got it worse, are closed, and our "rival" school is delaying opening today until 10.)

I feel cold even though it's not THAT cold in my office (19 C). But then, I feel cold a lot more easily these days. (Stupid beta blockers). The tip of my nose gets cold. (My ears would get cold but my hair usually covers them, unless I have it really skinned back hard)

As I've said before: I think a cold rain is far more miserable than snow, even if the snow may mean it's a few degrees colder. (And if we had real freezing rain, I'd still be at home).


Digging through my accumulated "for amigurumi" yarn last night. Still thinking of doing an ami Trixie. (I know, I know: I said I didn't like her because she seemed like a "mean girl," but I've slightly softened my stance. I think she's just tremendously insecure and is one of those insecure people ponies who covers it up by acting like a know-it-all).

It's hard to decide on the right shade of blue. The pale blue like I used for Minuette isn't quite right; it's closer to the blue in Trixie's mane. And a true blue I had is way too dark (despite the blindbag Trixie that I have being a fairly dark blue). In the comics and the fan-art, her shade varies, from a very pale blue (some of the cheaper toys also have this) to a fairly dark medium blue.

The pattern available on Ravelry calls for "light blue" but it looks darker than the light blue I have.

I did finally find a skein of "dusty blue," which is probably the closest I have in-stash. (Sigh. I wish I had been thinking about this at the JoAnn's on Saturday. I could have seen what they had, and I could also have bought a bunch of star-shaped buttons, which is how I think I will decorate her cape and hat - unless I can fine a piece of printed fabric that is lilac-colored with stars already printed on it)

Alternate idea: do something totally different for the next ami, and do the Mabel Pines pattern I've had for a while now.

(I also have the pangolin partly finished but got really tired of doing crocodile stitch. Apparently that's the hip new stitch in some crocheting circles but, meh, it's tedious to do)

Or, I dug out the yarn for Folio, a made-up (I like that term better than OC) pegasus pony who loves books. Grey body, coral colored mane and wings. Possibly lilac eyes, though I will have to see how that "goes" with the rest of her coloration.

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