Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chrysalis is finished

Just in time for Hearts and Hooves Day Valentine's Day.

(They should do a Hearts and Hooves Day episode where changelings show up and disrupt it...)

Anyway. I finished her last night. This was one big amigurumi - I think I started her in June or July, and while I didn't work STEADILY, this was a project that took lots of time.

chrysalis side

Her eyes took a little while to do, also. They're appliqued felt, and I decided to sew all the pieces together (some people who do these glue them, but glue is less sturdy and it also can stain the felt or make it stiff).


I more or less followed the pattern for the eyes - I made them a bit smaller because she came out a bit smaller, overall, than the original did, I guess. I added the mouth and the fangs, I felt like she needed them. They please me.

And of course, Chrysalis feasts on love, so maybe she would like marshmallow hearts?

om nom nom

Yes, I know, when she first made the scene, I declared her a "creepy villain" (and frankly, the whole shape-shifting-to-seem-like-someone-you-love coupled with the whole emotional-vampire thing WAS kind of creepy, if you looked at it metaphorically....I've very occasionally had dealings with people who, at first, seemed to be friendly towards me and wanted to be my friend, and I learned over time that they were actually energy vampires and very demanding and unwilling to reciprocate friendship or help or whatever....and then you find yourself faced with the unpleasant choice of, "Do I friend-break-up with this person and deal with the fallout that might cause, or do I let them keep being a part of my life and causing me unhappiness?")

But the character design is cool, and in the fan-art and fan-fiction, she's at least been partially rehabilitated (and anyway, maybe there are some lonely ponies out there who have an excess of love to give, who can just donate some of that to her).

She's also paired, in at least some of the fan-stuff, with Flufflepuff, who, because of her mute, uncomprehending love, seems to be a good patsy for Chryssy:

with flufflepuff

fluffles + chryssi



One other silly thing. Someone posted this on CPAAG and every time I've watched it it makes me grin like an idiot. I'm not a fan of this band (or particularly of the original song that this video is from), but it's really funny paired with the Mos Eisley cantina music from Star Wars:

I REALLY want to see someone who does fan animations of Pony stuff animate Discord's little dance (which is not unlike the one in this video) to that music.

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