Sunday, June 15, 2014

Back to knitting

One thing I have been working on in recent days is the Hagrid sweater. I just want to make more progress on this, but it does take a certain amount of time and attention.

hagrid back

(The pattern is the one in the Harry Potter Knits special issue of Interweave. The original was done in canary yellow but I liked the pink better)

I'm not quite done with the back yet; the pattern tells you to knit it to 27 1/2 inches for the size I'm making, but I don't know. This is a man-tailored sweater and it seems to be made for someone longer-waisted than I am. I suppose it would be best to get out a sweater that fits me well and measure its length, and then decide. I'm at about 22 1/2 inches right now; it will probably be 24 or so if I finish it off at the next end of a pattern repeat and I could just write down how long it was so I could match the front to it.

hagrid back close up

A close-up of the cabling, taken without flash to avoid washing out the stitches.

I also mowed the lawn. And while working on the backyard, ducking down to get under the crepe myrtle, somehow I managed to bump my upper lip kind of hard against the handle. (I have a reel-type mower and it sometimes hangs up on stuff unexpectedly). Later on, sitting inside, I thought, "Gee, my upper lip feels swollen." and my brain immediately went to HUGE ALLERGY PROBLEM CALL THE DOCTOR because swelling around the mouth is a bad bad thing when you're talking allergies.

Then I remembered the bump. And went and looked in the mirror. Yeah, there's a tiny bruise starting there. (I don't think I hit hard enough to damage my front teeth. At least I hope not).

I'm really good at injuring myself in minor but weird and specific ways.

I also decided to say "Forget the vegetable heavy diet" for one night; I'm making the deep-dish pizza recipe (I do plain cheese; I don't like most veggies as pizza toppings and most meat toppings are too high in salt) from Cook's Country. And I'm going to have rice pudding for dessert. I've discovered that the Kozy Shack brand is really pretty good for commercially made rice pudding.

Sometimes I just need something like tapioca or rice pudding: mild, soft, bland, vanilla-y, easy to eat, soothing.

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