Thursday, May 01, 2014

and facepalming again

Okay. So, the end of next week my student and I were supposed to go up to a large nature preserve area to meet with the guy charged with some of the maintaining stuff up there? And this is a trip that was to come off last Mid-Fall break but couldn't, and then was to be done over Spring Break but couldn't?

Maybe you know the tune already.

Yeah, guy's schedule got "all booked up" and he cannot meet with us EVEN THOUGH HE HAD US WRITTEN IN.

My student e-mailed me looking to "reschedule." At this point the 12th and 13th are the only days I could do, unless I change or cancel going to visit my family - and I am NOT doing that, NOT after not making Spring Break plans. I'm sorry but NO.

Well, maybe. Maybe this is my life. Maybe being an "adult" means you cancel vacation because of other people's plans. (Though I bet if I did, he wouldn't be able to meet a single day)

I start teaching a day or two after I get back and would only have Fridays and Saturdays in June, and I presume this guy doesn't work Saturdays.

The big sticking point is I have a small grant to pay for the travel, and it will look very bad - it will reflect badly on me - if I have to hand that grant back. Even though I have changed my plans and avoided making plans and everything else.

So I'm just DONE.

Of course, there's a slim chance my summer courses won't make - there are 8 people in one and 9 in the other, and if you don't get over 10, the class is cancelled. So yeah, a summer with no work but no money, great. At least then I'd be able to go meet with this guy whenever.

The really frustrating thing in all this is that I have to go through Motor Pool to arrange for rental of a high clearance I need to know for sure (dang, it's lucky I couldnt' find my chair yesterday to sign off on the forms)

This whole thing is a giant cluster and I am afraid it will make ME look bad because someone else is flaking out.

I need more certainty in my life than this.

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