Monday, April 07, 2014

not good news

ANOTHER death in my church family. This one was a man who had, on occasion, filled the pulpit in the absence of a regular minister. And he had been an Elder, but of late, had not been in sufficiently good health to serve. He was a nice man. I didn't know him WELL, but I liked him. He always used to call me "young lady" (said in an affectionate way, not a stern way), which I guess I was to him. (He was a Vietnam vet. I don't know his age otherwise.)

He had been ill recently; some kind of infection that couldn't be identified. I guess at one point they had him in isolation, either out of concern for him getting other sicknesses or maybe him passing on some unknown thing. I don't know.

Maybe this will be one funeral that's at a time I can go to it. If not, I'll be going to Family Hour; I think as head elder I need to be there for at least one of those.

I'm about ready for the bad news to be done. 2014 has really sucked rocks so far, both for me personally and for a lot of people around me.

Edited to add: The funeral is Wednesday morning in Dension and there's not going to be a Family Time. So I can't go, not without cancelling most of the day's classes. I hate being employed at a place where I can't easily take time off. I know everyone understands, but still.

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