Saturday, April 26, 2014

Made me laugh

Unconfident bee is unconfident.

(I find things funnier when it takes me a moment to get them, for some reason. With this, at first I was like "Wha?" and then I laughed when I got it)

I need to do my last bit of piano practice and then decide whether or not to run to the garden center for tomatoes. It's about the latest I can get them in and be able to count on SOME production before the usual Satan's Breath of Summer starts up. But we're supposed to get big storms including hail (How can you tell when bad weather is on the way? The Weather Channel pre-empts its reality shows). So I don't know. (Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst of it).

I also need more line for my string trimmer. Dang thing ran out just as I was halfway done knocking down some tall grass that my mower won't deal with.

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dyddgu said...

Dude, my knees totally aren't that great...
Bee x