Sunday, April 27, 2014

Eeyup, he's done

It took quite a few finishing steps (the face on this one was more elaborate than some of the ponies), but Big Macintosh is done:

Big Macintosh
I used the "Mr. Ed" pattern I bought from Ravelry, with a few minor changes. Of course the colors are different: Red Heart soft in "Wine" for the body, and wool-ease in that sort of gold color (I forget what they call it and didn't have the ball band) for the mane and tail). But I also did more increases faster on the chest so he'd be a little less skinny and slope-shouldered there, and also that means his hips aren't so large in relation to his chest. And, in keeping with his workhorse nature, I made his arms and legs a little beefier - I used 12 rather than 8 stitches to start them.

The face was also different from the pattern. And I just kind of drew out and tested on paper the pattern for his horsecollar. Even though the blindbag Big Macs don't have it, I felt like he needed it.

But it is removable (there is a tab with a snap on the back) so he can skinny dip:

skinny dipping Big Mac>

Or I can make a scarf for him to wear at Christmastime. Or a fancy collar with a bow tie for formal occasions. Or an argyle turtleneck for when he feels like being a hipster. (I wonder if I can find a pair of heavy-framed doll's glasses in the right size?)

This is a satisfying pattern to make, because he's not TOO big but he's a good size to sit on your lap.


(Yeah, not such a good photo of me; taken from a bad angle. Oh well)

And of course, he has the obligatory cutie mark (though I think for boy ponies, I prefer the term "flank insignia):

cutie mark

He's not show-accurate in the way the proposed commercial one (shown on Equestria Daily just recently) will be, but I don't really care. He's enough like Big Mac to satisfy me, and I like this pattern - I like the floppiness and the ungainliness of the big feet.

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