Tuesday, April 08, 2014

dare I hope?

I've been informed, via e-mail (I started using that, thinking, well, I won't be in my office to field calls but I can check e-mail after class) that the computer is FULLY READY and that I have a 3:30 pm appointment to get it set up. As this was from the owner (the guy I know), I'm more sanguine.

I think part of the issue in this whole thing is differences in information level and information transmission.

I tend to be, and I know this but am not always good at conveying it, a high-information-requiring person. I want to know how much longer I have to wait if I'm on hold on the phone (I like the places that have "dynamic queues" where they TELL you). I want to know if someone can't come out after they made an appointment. I will actually be less angry over a call that goes, "Listen, we have a really big emergency and I know your call is just a routine service call, would you mind rescheduling" than if the company doesn't come for HOURS and doesn't let me know anything. In fact, if I get a polite, "Do you mind rescheduling?" call close to the start of the wait-time window (or even before), I'll be pretty cordial about it and go "Yeah, okay, would Friday work?" Because I've had times when I had emergencies (like dental emergencies) and I know I got squeezed in and I appreciated my emergency being seen....so I can understand other people's emergencies.

But with this computer stuff, I would have appreciated calls that said,  "We're having a problem transferring files; can we reschedule?" or "Things are going wrong with the set up and we won't be ready today."

But maybe most of their customers aren't high-information-requiring people, and they're just used to that.

So again, it's maybe kind of like Ask Culture and Guess Culture: that there are some cases where I have to force myself to be more patient and be more willing to "be in the dark" about things, even though I would vastly prefer more detail. I don't know.

I will say I heavily front-loaded my work day in the hopes that I could get an appointment; I came in a bit early and wrote most of an exam, and then I did my two sample's worth of soil sorting (even though earlier this morning I had about 10 minutes of a really tight painful chest that suggested I was fixing to have asthma problems. I've never had a full-blown attack in the sense of requiring a trip to the hospital, but I've had times where my intercostal muscles sort of cramped up and my lungs seemed to clamp down. I don't know why that would happen this morning; it's not unusually humid and the pollen is no worse than it was)

But at least now I'm free this afternoon. (Maybe, thinking magically, that's the key: the two days I twitched and fretted because I "could have been getting research done" the set up didn't happen, and now today, when I will just be sitting at home crocheting on my Big Mac, they'll be there.)

Also, I finally heard back from OUP that they received my review. I was worried something had gone wrong but apparently *I* didn't receive the e-mail the guy sent out acknowledging the review. (Stupid campus server....it goes wonky about once a week, usually on an afternoon they're "webcasting" something from one of the remote sites.)

So maybe things are looking up. I'm still sad about Mr. G's death and sad I won't make his funeral, but at least it doesn't quite feel so much like huge pieces are dropping off the world.


Lydia said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you that today will be the day to get it back.

purlewe said...

I recently had a moment of "is it me" when it came to communication about a commission I was knitting. I wanted to ask long, detailed questions. I did this by email. No reply. But if I texted a quick "hey the yarn came" I got an immediate response. It really fried my buttons.