Tuesday, April 08, 2014

And hello world

And that's what I feel like saying. The guy just got done with all the installation stuff. It turned out I needed a new router; my circa 2007 one didn't work with the newer hardware. And I can't figure out how to change the onboard trackpad mouse (disable it) without disabling the plug in mouse I prefer. (Sometimes when I type my hand drags on the trackpad and messes up what I'm typing, which drives me nuts. Maybe I need to learn to type differently, I don't know.

The guy was a bit over an hour late. I wound up calling at 4:30 to see what was up. I was told he was delayed and that he was on his way ("the tech's in the mail"?). But he finally got here.

It took forever to get the internet configured (along with the router issue; the shop comped me the router for my time and trouble, which I am perfectly fine with). And he had to download Office for me. And set up the wireless printer.

The computer came with Chrome and he installed Firefox. I said I didn't care as long as it wasn't Internet Explorer and he fistbumped me over that (heh. I guess no one likes that browser.)

Except for the annoying trackpad issue (which I may try to get resolved, I don't know), it seems pretty good.

Yeah, I kind of loathe the trackpad but by changing how I type (which slows me down I can avoid hitting it.

But golly, this has been a saga and a half.

Oh, NOBLE!* I can listen to Pandora over this computer and the speakers are really pretty good. Nice.

(*Yes. I watch Transformers Rescue Bots. Another cartoon I am SO FAR out of the demographics of. But I don't know; it's moderately amusing at times and I kind of like the family dynamics)

And now I have the Ink Spots station I made running. I don't listen to it at work because vocal music interferes with working for me, and I get that being a fan of the Ink Spots, for someone of my age group is a little weird and is harder to explain even than my classical music fandom. But it's fun to listen to at home - just heard a studio take (well, it starts off with banter, so I assume it's not the one that went to pressing) of Dean Martin singing "Ain't that a kick in the head" and I also heard one called "Mahzel (Means Good Luck)" by the Ravens. (Interesting: an African-American pop group singing about a Yiddish word.) 

The computer guy recommended running out the battery to the very end of its charge the first few times, so I'm going to listen to Pandora for a while more tonight, and if it runs the battery out, great, it can recharge overnight. And I'm getting better at typing without dragging my wrists over the mousepad thing.

And now, customization time. My wallpaper is a picture (Snagged off of Equestria Daily or somewhere) of Pinkie Pie riding the "The More You Know" star, because the start up sound sounds a little bit like that, and also I found the picture in my transferred files. (So I guess if they inspected files, they'd also find Pony pictures). And it amuses me a lot.


Lydia said...

So glad it's up and running!

CGHill said...

That is generally good battery advice: if you recharge it from the halfway point all the time, eventually it won't ever charge much beyond the halfway point.

My wallpaper on my work box is that Hasbro map of Equestria. Really.