Saturday, March 01, 2014

Really, town? Really?

So, after catching the new episode of MLP, I decided to (a) run to the bank, (b) run up here and enter grades and (c) fill up the car with gas before heading south.


It turns out there's some kind of fun-run today. EVERY street between my house and my credit union had barriers on it somewhere. I had to take a winding path to get to the credit union. And, I'm not kidding, it took me 15 minutes to weave a path - including two u-turns when I found a street totally blocked - to get up here. (normally it takes about 7 from my credit union to my office).

At one point I just muttered, "I should just retrace my steps, go to Sherman, forget about posting the grades." But I didn't feel I could do that - the last drop day is coming up, and there may be a few individuals who may wish to consider using it, and the grades I'm posting give another data point.

But it's really annoying to find that EVERY east-west street, and many of the north-south ones have barricades up, with no maps posted of what the route is, so I can't figure out where I can go.

(This is not the first time this has happened. There are several fun runs in a year and it seems that I pick the Saturdays they are happening to have to get across town for some reason.)

Was there any notification of this anywhere? Not that I saw. On Facebook, I bet. The world could come to an end and those of us not plugged into Facebook would never know; we'd keep heading out to work through the smoking rubble and go, "Huh. Traffic seems kind of light today." Or there could be a zombie apocalypse and we'd not find out until pulling into the lot at wal-mart. ("Screw it. I'm already here; I need milk. I can probably use my umbrella as a weapon.")

How am I going to get gas? I suppose, get out on the interstate and buy it somewhere not-in-town. I had also half-thought of running downtown and visiting a few of the shops. Not happening now.

I hope whatever the fun run is benefiting really benefits, because it just reminded me again what a weirdo I am for having to come in and do a little work this morning. I guess no one else here works on weekends.

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