Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh lawks, drama

Two things:

1. Increasingly agitated e-mails from a student (first sent ~ 4pm yesterday) about a class they've not put much effort in to. Then upset because I didn't e-mail back right away. (Um. I'm getting over being SICK so my energy is not so great? And also, I, like, had a bunch of classes to teach today? And a job candidate to meet with?). The person wants to meet with me but doesn't say why which is never a good thing.

2. A student from my lecture section but a different lab section unhappy with how lab instructor is grading. So I need to meet with them. I'd be more eye-rolly about this one except one of my colleagues has a similar issue with a couple students in HIS lecture section - which tells me it may be more a lab-instructor issue than a student issue. But still, it's something where I have responsibility without authority and that's never fun.

On the upside: I got my Sunday school lesson done for this week so I may not have to come in here tomorrow, or not for longer than to enter some grades in the online system. (Will be so, so, so glad when my new home computer is in and set up.)

I think I'm taking this weekend off as much as possible. (And okay, maybe hoping just on the outside for a snow day Monday....we might get it, the local weather guy sounded pretty dire this morning.)

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