Friday, October 26, 2007

Got 920 yards of sock-weight yarn?

Want to make a shawl?

I can't remember how I came across this pattern from Thriftyknitter first, but I saw it a while back, and didn't bookmark it or anything, because I was in the middle of a bunch of projects and couldn't see the end of them. But now, as I'm beginning to wind down on "Start-over" and think about new projects, I thought of it again.

My mad search skillz helped me re-find it though: I remembered the author had said it had been featured in the "daily chum," and also that she had made hers out of Mega Boots Stretch. So I typed in:

"daily chum shawl pattern mega boots"

And there it was! Top of the list!

I'm contemplating what yarn I have in my stash that would work best. I have some really nice glittery Cherry Tree Hill yarn I bought a long, long time ago (I think when KnitPicks was closing out its "non house brand" yarns. I think I have just about the right amount of that, and I think it would look good with the pattern.


Lydia said...

That is pretty. The scalloped edge really adds to it.

The glittery yarn sounds like a good idea for it.

There's another fillyjonk who showed up on Ravelry. She's also knit at least one animal:

dragon knitter said...

um, honey, did you forget i write for the daily chum? i'm adminnie, lol (the food columnist)

dragon knitter said...

and i may have been the one who featured that shawl, lol!

i don't have 900 yards of much of ANYTHING, lol!