Saturday, October 31, 2020

one small solution

 I admit I was bothered by the idea of people using my driveway for Fight Club. I had my front door porch light turned off last night (and this evening), not knowing when trick-or-treating (if it even happened here) was and not wanting people coming to the door. (At 9:30 or so I'll put it back on). 

But then I thought while changing the sheets on my bed: hey, I also have an over-the-garage light fixture with some pretty bright and powerful LED bulbs (changed v. recently by me, and used almost not at all this year, because I don't go out in the evenings any more - no Bell Choir, no evening meetings).

So I turned it on. Yeah, it's bright, and one of the reason I mostly left it off when I was at home was that I didn't want it shining into other people's rooms but forget that; I've been told my neighbors to the south (the ones most likely to be bothered by the light) were somehow involved with the fight.

So, suck it, misdemeanorinos, maybe light will keep you away. 

But I still wish I could live somewhere where all my neighbors were kind, quiet, and supportive. And didn't fight in people's yards at night.

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Roger Owen Green said...

I'll have to write about my across-the-street neighbor. she is a... piece of work.