Friday, October 02, 2020

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 Yes, I heard The Big News Of The Day - not 'til this morning, though (as I joked on twitter, hearing that on the teevee at 5:30 am does more for your alertness than drinking four cups of coffee)

but my dream last night - well, I wonder if "ack, I forgot my mask" dreams are going to be the new "show up to a final exam without ever having gone to class" or "walking into work without pants on" dreams.

I had another one. (The first one, I was at a flea market, sort of in a semi-open air setting like a big garage, and I so wanted to go in because it looked like they had cool stuff, but I didn't have a mask)

this one, I was in church, I was singing a hymn, and all of a sudden I realized: I DON'T HAVE A MASK ON. THEY ASKED US TO WEAR MASKS IF WE ARE SINGING. And I looked around, and nearly everyone else had a mask. And I felt sharp dismay in my stomach - oh no, if I've been infected and don't know it, I might have killed some of these people. (Like most mainline churches, my congregation is older, and most people have one or more risk factors). 

And then I woke up but gah, brain, don't do that to me.

I mean, I know part of this is that I am a rule-follower and if I even inadvertently break a rule it causes me anxiety, but also the extra layer of "potentially deadly disease circulating" adds more to it.

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Roger Owen Green said...

On our ZOOM choir meeting last week, our choir director says that research suggests singing is no worse than talking. It's the VOLUME of each. If you're singing sotto voce, it's no worse than conversation.