Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Well, that worked

 Lab worked out pretty okay today. It wasn't NORMAL normal, but the students had a better-than-typical-for-a-pandemic experience, I think. Cleanup took longer because two rooms and more scopes to put away (the students put away the ones that belonged in the rooms but I had to carry the borrowed ones back). So I guess that was good.

Next week, I don't know. Supposed to rain again so I have to have an indoor lab planned, so that may mean part of my tasks this weekend is either counting out, or perhaps weighing out, the beads to make the "time points" for the lab where they are investigating simulated population growth. (or, shoot - maybe I could do the lab I set up for when it was too rainy - in the before-times - to do insect sampling and have them do the bead "communities" I set up for that. I should check to see if I have enough.

Also possible the weather will clear - and if I have the population growth lab ready to go, then it's ready for the following week or whenever.


Almost done with "Hag's Nook," the first Dr. Fell mystery. I like these and have pre-ordered a Dickson Carr book he wrote about another detective - the writing in these is pretty enjoyable and while I like the character of Fell (who basically is a parody/pastiche of GK Chesterton), I think it's more Dickson Carr's writing style I enjoy - and he wrote a number of other series. 

A friend of mine mentioned the old rhyme "I do not like thee, Dr. Fell," which I was completely unfamiliar with (reference). As it turns out, the murderer uses it (or actually, a variant, I think) on Dr. Fell when the murderer is found out, so I guess Dickson Carr was going for that joke all along (this is the first Dr. Fell book, so I suppose he had it in mind when he named the character. 


I've all but decided that if I leave *early* on Saturday, and of course mask up, it would be okay to take a quick run to JoAnn Fabrics - it's been six months since I've been there and I find that's one thing I keep thinking that might make me happier, even if it's a small thing. I also need to go to Kroger, some of the things I use are things they carry and Pruett's doesn't, and I've come to hate the wal-mart pick-up system because it's such a crapshoot of what they happen to have in stock on a particular day - and I won't go in there, not with what I've heard about people refusing to mask and being rude about it. 

Also, I figure this is the best time to go - right before a big holiday when people will gather; I expect to see cases rise starting the week after that and it might be less-advisable to go then.

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