Saturday, February 02, 2019

Leaving this here

Just leaving this here, so I can find it again if I need it. (it is the purring kitten video, or Den of Kittens).

This is one of those things that could calm me down really fast if I'm upset, ESPECIALLY viewed as a full-screen video.

I don't know why I love it so much but I do. And I admit I miss having purr-y cats around; my parents' cats (may they rest in peace) were purr-y and it was just nice.

I also wonder - given how much comfort I feel looking at it, and also realizing I was feeling "I wish I could be down in the middle of that with those kittens," if that's part of the reason I have extra pillows (and also, large stuffed animals that function sort of as pillows) on my bed: to get that sensation of being like in the middle of a litter of kittens, of having fundamentally friendly fellow-creatures around me, if it somehow soothes the deep, primitive part of my brain. I don't know. But I have noticed I sleep better with the additional pillows, and Pfred, and Polaris, and all my Ponies, and other assorted critters grouped around me.

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Diann Lippman said...

I know you weren't happy that someone suggested volunteer work as a way to meet people or find more like-minded cohorts, so ignore this is you want to! We have a no-kill animal shelter (and lots of others that foster kittens) and they are always looking for kitten cuddlers to come in and socialize the kittens. I have a friend who does it with puppies and he finds it to be great fun - just playing with and cuddles little critters!

Otherwise I'm in the sam boat - I don't want to organize a knitting group (tried it and it's too much work) and I can't go to the existing ones (during the day and I work), so I knit alone (which is fine) or with a couple of like-minded friends (rarely).

And check out my blog - new address is - which is being resuscitated as we get ready to move to New Hampshire.