Tuesday, February 19, 2019

a partial victory

Got my car out for oil and filter change. In the months (too many, probably) since I had the car serviced, my dealership has opened a new "quick lane" facility for "simple" service (like oil change or tire replacement) where they have more dudes working and it's faster. I didn't know about it until I called to see if the service department was busy and the guy suggested I go to their quicklane.

The good news is the waiting room is nicer. Oh, it still has the requisite TV blaring stuff, but it was bigger and better ventilated (often the small old waiting room smelled of exhaust) and it had a couple of tall tables next to the window looking into the garage....so I was able to set up and get most of a rough draft of a paper introduction written while they worked on my car. And now I'm good for a while, even had them change the cabin filter (the lead mechanic showed it to me, and apologetically noted 'we can put it back in, it'll be good until next time" but as I had the money NOW to do it....I figured I'd do it now.)

Also the mechanics they have - or at least the "customer facing" guys - seem to be pretty good and pretty professional. (The guy I worked with was "Freddie" but I am guessing that wasn't his actual given name but a name he adopted so Americans can pronounce it). But anyway: would definitely use again. They may be a bit more expensive than the budget places but based on some stuff people have said about the budget places in town, I don't trust those, and I figure if these guys are at least operating under the Ford flag, if they donk something up, Ford will expect them to make it right.

I do still have to call Jackson-Hewitt about my taxes and make an appointment.

I came back here and managed to cobble together a statement for the teaching award I was nominated for (we are asked to send in a one-page statement about our teaching. I know mine are never very good; I am not good at tooting my own horn.) I am trying to see if I can work up the courage to ask one of my colleagues to look at mine - I think that's allowed - and suggest anything to be added or changed.  It's due next week so I can let it sit for a day or two and then rewrite it. I am never very good at coming up with something "punchy" for these kinds of things (I don't know what tone to take) and I am also not good at being all "ME! HECK YEAH!" so, yeah....I'm not expecting to win this year but at least being able to put down I was nominated two years running in my PTR stuff for next year is a good thing.

Haven't started evaluating the student letters but with 13 of them I think I can do some before my one lecture class tomorrow, and maybe do the rest before Gen Ed council (if lab gets done any early) or before I give my exam on Thursday, and hopefully have them knocked out before Saturday.

(Still no word on when the PPR committee meets, so I am assuming that's on hold until some of the members with a less-flexible schedule than I have are free. Oh well. I get my Wednesday evening back and I count that as a win)

Weather here is not good - very dreary again and cold. I probably should go home and do the rest of my piano practice for the day and maybe just wrap up in a blanket or something.

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