Thursday, January 31, 2019

Today is fired

I can't go into too much detail (Don't want to violate their privacy, and I don't know a whole lot of detail) but someone I consider a friend looks to be facing a dire medical diagnosis and I am just sad and tired because far too many people I care about have suffered in different ways these past few years.

I just...I know that the world is apparently chaos, but I am tired of the chaos. I am tired of the bad news, and of people wanting to attack one another, and all the sadness.

So, I'm just done. I was going to come home and go straight to bed but then I realized I needed to do laundry, so I am doing laundry.

I'm also concerned in that I started the new prescription (A refill) of blood pressure meds the other day, and coincident with that, my diastolic blood pressure has been higher (by almost 10 points) than it was, and I am really hoping I did not get a bad batch of medication. (I am also unhappy that my insurance now will only pay for one month's worth at a time, which means more trips to the pharmacy. I might have to look into mail-order places, even if my father has had bad luck with them and I don't like taking business away from a local business, but unless I can get the two prescriptions to synch perfectly so I can pick up refills on the same day, that means I will have to go TWICE. (And it will make traveling harder; if I go for three weeks like I sometimes do in the summer, I will have to be SURE to refill right before I go).

I have bloodwork Monday. And next Tuesday I have the six-months' checkup. I am always apprehensive about these things, that they might find something "bad' that will involve another lifestyle change or something else.

But yeah. If I am scarce around here - and on Twitter - for the next few days, I'm still here, I'm just kind of being quiet and hiding in a blanket fort because I'm sad.

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anita said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling sad; I wish there was something I could do.

Re: medication. I asked my cardiologist to give me a one-time prescription for both my heart meds, in case of lots of snow just before they were due to be refilled. (Not often here, but early this winter we had 15"—a year's worth of snow in one day!) Instead, she changed both scrips to three month at a time (more expensive, but not prohibitively) so I won't have to worry about refills until spring, or so I hope. Perhaps your doctor could do something similar, once you're sure there aren't going to be any nasty side effects.