Friday, January 04, 2019

almost setting off

* As I expected, my dad's "injury" was an exacerbation of the usual arthritis. When PT Lady came today she seemed happy at how he had progressed since she saw him last (shortly after the injury)

* I think I injured myself, though, either lifting heavy bags of birdseed (stocking up for my mom) or moving some heavy things around - back is very bad today which is not good for hefting big suitcases this afternoon.

* And yes, I made the Big Unicorn. Her name is Sugarplum and she's going to have to ride strapped to the top of the carry on that goes in my room. I expect some comments but whatever.

* And I will catch you all on the flip side. As far as I can determine, the people I care about in OK seem to have weathered the brief winter storm okay, and it looks like everything should be gone by the time I get there.

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purlewe said...

travel safely. I look forward to hearing more about your trip when you return!