Thursday, December 27, 2018

European Christmas ads

I've complained about the crassness of American ads at Christmas ("Buy your lover a car!")

European ads - at least the best of them* - are different

(*And it could be just those I see; the worst could be as crass and awful as our ads)

Here's one. I felt this one HARD as the kid who never fit in, but I never got a figurative box of styrofoam thingies to stick over my prickles to make me easier to love:

And of course, there was last year's Paddington Bear one, where he fundamentally reformed a thief with the gift of a marmalade sandwich:

Here's another one, a few years old - actually going back to the 100th anniversary (2014) of the "Christmas truce":

(The nice thing about that one is the history)

One of the striking things about these - and the Wes Anderson one I posted about a few days ago - is that they don't much mention the business or product being sold...I don't know if other commercial-makers think people won't pay enough attention to the company paying for the commercial if it's not all up in your face, but I have to admit I like these better.


Lynn said...

My favorite American Christmas ads are the M&Ms "They do exist!" and the old Hereshy's Kisses commercial that they've been showing every Christmas for just about forever.

purlewe said...

I love these. Thank you for sharing them.