Saturday, December 01, 2018

Behold, some progress!

The biggest knitting news from me recently:

Augusta blocking

I finished knitting all the parts of Augusta (the sleeves are stacked, partly because I ran out of room, partly because that made it easier to block them to the same size). Wove in all the ends. (ALL THE ENDS!)

Yeah, weave in all the ends.

And then, soak it in water with a little hair conditioner in it (wool is, after all, chemically the same as our hair), take it out, wrap it in big towels to squeeze out as much water as possible, look up the schematics so you can get it approximately the size it's supposed to be, lay it out, and pin the devil out of it.

Then it has to sit for a day or so (probably not so very long; it's kind of dry right now and I decided to leave my little humidifier off to help with that) and then I can take it up and sew it up and knit on the front bands and neckband (which also get the buttonholes, and I will have to find the nice buttons I bought for this, if they're not still in the knitting bag it was in).

But it's nearly done, so, yay. (Maybe I can find the motivation to finish this in the evenings this coming week, so then in good conscience I can start a new sweater over break - maybe I do a vest, either the new version of Pocketses out of the jam-colored KnitPicks tweed, or maybe the British School Slipover from "Folk Vests" (I have a dark brown tweed for that one).

(Oh, who am I kidding? It's gonna be Pocketses, because I love that jam-colored yarn so much, that is, if I have room for it....)

I also finished some simple socks, knit from that oddball Meilenweit yarn I picked up at the yarn shop in Shreveport. Because the repeat was so long, I didn't even try to make these matchy-matchy like I usually do with striping sock yarns:

new striped socks

The colors are maybe a little odd, but I like it. And I like that it would go with either brown or black clothing - double purpose socks.

new striped socks 2

It feels good to finish a couple of debating either starting something new, or trying to finish either the Honey Cowl or do the second of my pair of Soccer Mitts.

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